Client Cancellations – Truth About SEO


  1. Hani Yousif says:

    Hey Ship, another great video. Thank you for those valuable videos. Can you help me with one question please. How do you present yourself to clients when you dont have an office and full team with you? I am having a trouble with this because I am just starting and I wont be able to afford an office space now. Thanks in advance.

  2. Efrain Lopez says:

    Wow, This reminds me of when I first got started. Not all clients are a great fit, and the problem could be many factors. The first things are getting clients that are already advertising is the way to go because they already understand that it takes money to advertise to make money.

    If you have to educate them about SEO, reputation management, PPC and so on I can tell you right now, they are not a good fit. I’ve been marketing for over 20 years and I learned a lot about processes and expectations. First of all, I would never sell SEO to a spanking new business because SEO takes time. If they don’t see those quick results they will cancel. You need a way to make their phone ring first. Then as they make money, they can invest in SEO. Love your videos – reminds me of when I first started to wrap my head around all this.

  3. rambull Jr says:

    Interesting. By the sound of it you’re spreading yourself to thin. What was the reason why your clients canceled?

  4. Diamante Crump says:

    I have read how consultants and specialist are paid more then technicians for their field of work. Which would bring you more joy in providing a more broad range service without feeling undervalued and while giving room to be more involved in the growth of the business long term. I feel due to your passion and hands on approach you might be viewed more as the “help” and not the “authority”. Consider re-branding yourself as a Consultant or Specialist if your not to attached to the hands on approach. Release and market more content regarding solving some of the problems your presented with in your specific vert and allow the concerned and committed business owners to come to you.

    I hope I provided some value as you have dropped countless amounts on me. I haven’t obtained my first client yet but when I do you will be the first to know. Thanks again Shib for all the amazing honesty, direction, & content. Stay UP

    • PLUR says:

      Diamante Crump yes I’m stuck between managing the work vs heading towards being a real marketer. The latter would look more like getting into the in-depth sales analytics, copy writing offers and angles that are irresistible and really just getting into, creating a real pipeline where I know the conversions at every step of the way. The authoritative figures we see in the market are focused on these kind of activities – not back links.

      This is an extremely powerful insight, I’m a little surprised you can see this when you don’t have clients of your own. Thank you.

  5. punit bayad says:

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